Retirement Reflections

I am now done with my first career, and I did not realize the time between the old thing and new thing would be so hard. I don’t have a routine. I don’t have any particular goals. It’s weird.

When I kicked off this project at the beginning of the year, I figured that once I was done with the Navy, I would easily go into a research mode, regularly write, and produce weekly posts that would rival the work of my favorite online writers. Instead, I am home, and I see how much more I can be in my family’s life. I know this is better. It’s why I retired from the Navy, after all. Somehow, I nearly forgot that fact, and I would lose my way if I went back to that original plan.

So, what now?

Fortunately, I named this project This Will Be Hard, because it is, and I therefore remain on-message. I am still going to write here, but I am going to remember my goal is to write what I think. To shape and share my philosophy of everything. This site will be a reflection of me. It will be what I want my kids to know, in case I can’t teach them myself.1

  1. Concluding my first career has also been a very effective memento mori. I didn’t see that coming either. ↩︎

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