One of the most useful shifts I’ve made in my own thinking is the conscious use of chunkingIn my own words, chunking is a way utilizing a stand-in word or phrase to bring an entire, complicated concept to mind.

I picture this being like when Neo in the matrix “learned” new skills.


This chunking enables me to build a fuller understanding of new concepts in the same way that an expansive vocabulary can enable a fuller verbal explanation.

As I have considered what and how I want to learn and study, I’ve wanted to figure out how to capture notes and preserve what I learn. I realized today I don’t really care about the “how”–Evernote, DEVONthink, etc.–of this process, and knowing myself, if I go down the tools rabbit hole, I won’t actually get anything done. HTML is going to be my storage method. I’ll also post this external brain online here, because I know I’ll do better work if someone might be reading along with me.

This brings me back to chunking. I am in the habit of processing new information gleaned from books or podcasts based on the vocabulary I have developed over the past few years. I’ve found this to be a valuable way to evaluate new ideas and figure out where to hang the good stuff on my own mental framework.

As I now rededicate myself to more deliberately learning, I first want strengthen my vocabulary. To that end, I am going work through my favorite terms here for a while, so that’s what you can expect to read next.

P.S. – I’ll have to add in some css to make gifs stop animating, if I keep using gifs. Kinda distracting.


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