In the next several posts, I am going to spend some time highlighting my favorite decision tools and ways of thinking. These are all concepts I consciously call to mind with a certain word or phrase, and I’ve taken to calling the lot of them incantations.

I use incantations to shift my thinking all at once, and that is why use the same word or phrase every time. This forces a pattern interrupt in my monkey mind, which helps me carefully filter incoming information, break a cycle of destructive thoughts, or consider circumstances from a different perspective.

My list of incantations is not yet complete, nor will it ever be. I hope to keep growing and improving them as long as I live, and I expect I’ll also need to prune this list sometime in the future. That’s all part of the fun.

P.S. Many readers may be thinking of mental models by now, and that is the more normal way of talking about metacognition. No one is here for normal.

P.P.S. Long time readers will recognize some of these from my past work. The good stuff sticks.

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